Mia Lau

Going from a poor family to become CEO of her own startup company, Mia feels she can use her organizational skill and leadership with Severin's limited resources to rightfully put an end to the NDC threat. Having grown up under a tough situation, Mia can empathize with the plight of those under NDC threat and attack and is her motivation for her actions. However, as she feels that total commitment is required to avoid wavering, her actions make her seem as though people are disposable tools, due to her keeping her mental and emotional guards up at all times.

Mia has a large variety of offensive options, in Attack, Fire Damage, Stealth Damage, anti-tanking and ammo maximums, though the distribution of many of her abilities are laid out make her far more useful for dungeons than boss battles. All the same, by midgame to endgame, Mia can gain access to an instant death ability (akin to the Cult Blades from Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, though this one is set at 25% of the enemy's health) that allow her to contribute further to boss battles.