Robyn Somerset

A dedicated and active young woman, Robyn had lost her brother, Wesley, in the Northern Burning. Watching her parents shut down and become alcoholics from the tragedy to her family angered Robyn, and not wanting to become apathetic and lethargic like them, ended up becoming more wild, changing her image, picking up dangerous new hobbies and taking more risks. Her risk-taking caught the eye of Severin, who recruited her after seeing her fearlessly dive into an NDC attack to rescue innocent civilians. Though Severin's Northern Burning was what killed her brother, Robyn wants to see an end to the NDC, so that no other disasters will end in more tragedy.

Robyn has limitations on her versatility, in that she learns absolutely no Active Competencies, meaning that her range of tactics is limited solely to her weapon variety. However, Robyn has above average HP and Attack, can gain high evasion and has the highest movement, action speed and combo gains, all of which become even more useful by midgame to endgame when Robyn can gain access to an ability that causes her melee attacks to damage all enemies currently in combat.