Sabine Rhodes

Growing up with an affluent lifestyle, Sabine's life was shattered when the Northern Burning killed her parents and destroyed her home in Winnipeg, leaving her homeless and with no education and no real job opportunities. She had gained a job as a stripper for a number of years and eventually joined up with Severin, hoping it would provide her with a chance at a new life, but instead felt more cornered than before.

Sabine starts with high defense, can get both Physical and Elemental Defense naturally to the maximum 80% and gains many Courage Competencies. Her skill at longevity extends beyond herself by being the best overall healer available. Though her summoned Golems are not powerful at first, by midgame to endgame, Sabine can gain an ability that adds damage and combo modifiers to her Golems, effectively making her the best overall Golem summoner.