Arthur Danson

A police officer who lives by a strict ethical code and will always attempt to do whatever he can for his friends and community. After a long period of time of hunting him down, Arthur managed to capture and arrest the mass murderer, Dominic Gladstone, who was released and recruited into Severin alongside Arthur. Though Arthur believes in doing the right thing by working alongside Severin to use its remaining resources to put down the NDC crisis, he begins to wonder how it can be the right thing to do so while being allied with Dominic.

Conversely to Dominic, Arthur's stats and focus lend towards defense and longevity (including healing and high ammo maximums) over offensive capabilities. Similarly to Dominic (but appropriately opposite), Arthur can gain an ability at midgame to endgame that can debuff an enemy to deal half damage with each attack, even if Arthur's HP reaches zero. Despite very low Attack, Arthur can gain some solid damage with massive damage from Rifles when combined with anti-tanking abilities and large ammo counts, though this is more useful for dungeons than bosses.