Dominic Gladstone

One of the most brutal and cruel characters to ever be a part of the Skylight universe, Dominic has no remorse or empathy for his violent actions against his fellow man and is always looking for a way to cause the most destruction and mayhem while having escape plans in place. While Dominic has been recruited by Severin for the purposes of being a "consultant on NDC tactics", the Saskatchewan expansion may allude there is more to it than that.

Dominic's massive Attack power, combined with his numerous offensive buffs and passive abilities, allows him to put an end to most enemies extremely quickly. By midgame to endgame, he can gain an ability to put a debuff on an enemy that causes them to take double damage from all attacks, even if Dominic's HP reaches zero and is removed from battle. In particular, this is a great trait to have, given that Dominic's low survivability (due to innate double damage received from Physical attacks, abilities that lower HP or require low HP).