Considered the spiritual successor to GTAL (the protagonists of Skylight 1 and Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent), the Sentinels were formed in Vancouver in 2038 and are stationed across Canada with the aim of providing both protection of all Canadian citizens and transparency in their methods (of which their predecessor GTAL had been lax on).

Though the Sentinels uphold a strict moral code and protocol for all Sentinels to follow, some Sentinels feel that their organization's bureaucratic methods interfere with taking down the NDC attacking innocent civilians is too cumbersome to be effective when it comes to protecting lives, and have gone rogue, branching off from their main group. Depsite their best intentions, these Rogue Sentinels end up resorting to threats, extortion and sometimes violence in an attempt to hold up their goals for the greater good.

Even though the Rogue Sentinels are considered antagonists, their methodology and ideology is against Symbiote Monsters, and therefore, they do not make use of them.