Though roots had been forming beforehand, the Northern Burning in 2031 was considered by many to be the point where the NDC, or Neo De-Confederates, managed to truly form. Consisting of those who took advantage of the chaos and destruction to do whatever they had wanted, be it kill, destroy, traumatize or steal, when the country started on the road of recovery, they were considered criminals by the country. Believing that their criminal activities should be forgotten about, they began using the excuse that they were just going back to humanity's primal beginnings and should not be considered evil for it. With this reasoning attracting others who had done the same and wanted an easy way out of punishment for their crimes or those wanting to rebel against society, they formed a large group that kept committing these terrible acts, and the NDC was born.

Though their presence across the country had lasted no more than a year (save for one resurgence in the mid 2030s in Ontario), the NDC had actually held a deep-rooted presence in Manitoba, as it was affected the most by the Northern Burning, and as such, the citizens of the province have to deal with their constant threats.

Though removing the NDC threat permanently from Manitoba is the primary goal of your party, the Severin Ghosts, there are those who took the NDC's claims at being innocent victims seriously, including Premier Stanley Tanner, who speaks out in favour of the NDC and NDC supporters, believing that if the NDC were accepted back into society, that there would be nothing to drive the NDC to further desperation (despite the NDC's continuing claims that they need to act on their primal drives immediately and without fail, or they would be betraying themselves).

Despite a large amount of public support, the NDC had created their own Symbiote Monster, the Lifeless, which is at its base, a human being transformed into a living bomb, further showing the NDC's desire for destruction and death.