A federal agency founded by a man named Edward Severin after World War 2 ended, Severin became responsible for many military and medical technologies and advancements.

After Edward Severin's death in 1986, his successor began taking the agency down a dark path, leading to the creation of the biotechnology, Skylight Symbiote, and subsequently, Symbiote Monsters and the nationwide firestorm, the Northern Burning. Serving as antagonists in Skylight 1 and Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, the administration was eventually put down by GTAL in 2035, and was revealed to the public as the cause of Symbiote Monsters and the Northern Burning.

A former member of Severin, going by the moniker of the Exorcist, hunted down the remnants of Severin, save for the newest chapter (which the Exorcist had no knowledge of) in Portage la Prairie, under an abandoned pizza parlour. This final chapter of Severin, unlike their previous administration, hopes to use Severin's remaining resources to fix their group's mistakes by putting an end to the NDC, as the murderous group had arose after the Northern Burning, and was in a way the catalyst that helped them rise to power.

Your main characters in Skylight Freerange 1 are the Severin Ghosts, the field team of the shadow agency Severin. Opposite to the two Skylight entries that came beofre Skylight Freerange 1, the Severin Ghosts are considered protagonists.